Tony's log

11 July 2013

So far so good. I am in Lanzarote, my son has been with me for about 10 days and returns to England today. we had a lovely downwind trip of five days from Faro in Portugal, averaging about 120 miles per day and Nicola performed beautifully.

I expect to stay here for a couple of months, specifically to do some fairly major jobs whilst in a secure anchorage, which allows the occasional jaunt around the island. There is some good sailing here and several good anchorages.

As for a long trip, I don't have any real plans yet. It looks as though Galenaia may be sold in the near future, in which case I will fly home to sort that out.

I may cross to the Caribbean but that can't happen until the winter because of the hurricane season as I'm sure you are aware.

I will keep you updated. I believe you are having an excellent summer, so enjoy that.

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